Blessings of the Returning Light!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Winter Solstice day! Here, the day dawned with sunshine and clear blue skies, something we haven’t seen for quite a while. I went out to collect fallen evergreen branches to decorate my altar and refresh my solstice sunwheel advent wreath. The day was so beautiful, I ended up standing in the sunshine with my eyes closed as I did my elemental centering meditation, soaking in the warmth and light of the sun. It was such a blessing!


We don’t often see days like this in the winter!

The rest of the day was busy, but by evening I was able to take time to turn out the lights (except for my Yule tree lights) and light the candles on my altar and the final candle on the solstice sunwheel wreath. I sat in the candlelight and sang Yule songs, lit a candle in my cauldron to welcome the spark of light as it emerges out of the darkness, and did my Winter Solstice tarot reading. It was a quiet, peaceful evening.


Welcoming the spark of light as it emerges from the dark.

My tarot reading for this turn of the wheel seems to be continuing the themes of getting to work making my dreams a reality—look at all those earth cards, plus The Builder! I even got the Three of Earth as my overall theme card again, which is the same as my Hallowmas reading.


My Winter Solstice reading. Cards from the Gaian Tarot.

Overall Theme—Three of Earth: The theme of this turn of the wheel will be to continue bringing ideas into manifestation, taking practical actions to bring healing into my life, and seeking a community who shares my values. During the last turn of the wheel I did get out into the world by joining a women’s drumming circle, and I want to keep that up, as well as find other opportunities to find or create community.

Key Opportunity—4, The Builder: This is a great time to start building foundations and to create something real and tangible in the world. It is time to focus, set boundaries, and do the work to build what I want in my life. It is time to be the chief architect and leader in my own life!

Key Challenge—Three of Fire: The challenge of this time period will be to claim my personal power, to be confident and self-assured enough to take action, to express myself, and to go after what I want. I need to make sure self-doubt doesn’t keep me from creating what I want in my life.

What promise does Goddess offer me as the light returns?—Five of Earth: That the storms of health challenges and financial worries will come to an end. That I have exactly the resources I need to create the life that I want, that I can trust in the abundance of earth and Goddess, and don’t need to hold onto scarcity consciousness and fear of loss.

What dream or vision am I nurturing in the dark?—Eight of Earth: My interpretation of this card is a bit tender for me, and not something I’m ready to share publicly, but it is right on point!

What do I need to let go of to make time and space to rest and dream?—2, The Priestess: Since The Priestess is all about taking time to listen to our inner voices, our intuition and our dreams, I believe what I need to let go of is to stop looking outside myself for answers and direction. Instead I need to trust that I have the answers inside, if only I will take time to listen. This corresponds with the message of The Builder, to be the designer and leader in my own life.

May we keep light and hope in our hearts as we move into the new year!

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