These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

That song is stuck in your head now, right?

I love when people write blog posts sharing some of their favorite items, songs, etc., so I thought I’d do one of my own. These are a few of my favorite things right now. Some have been my favorites for a long time (like the candles), and others are relatively new to me (Tarot of the Crone). Presented in no particular order, and the links are not affiliate links.

  1.  Casper Candle Company “Shorty Column” beeswax pillar. These have been my main altar candles for years now. I used to buy them at Whole Foods up in Hillsboro, now I make regular trips to the Northwest Nature Shop in Ashland to buy them. They are also available directly from the manufacturer online, and Mountain Rose Herbs also carries them. My favorite is the 4″ x 1.5″ pillar. They burn beautifully, and as long as you push the sides in towards the center each time you burn it (you can see on my used one how I have done that), they burn all the way down. Beeswax burns clean and smells so good. I go through several of these candles every year!
  2. Brigid’s Grove Priestess/Crone Goddess Statues. I just love these little priestess or crone statues. I have the sage green one, and just ordered the midnight blue one with silver sparkles. My practice lately has been focusing quite a lot on the Priestess and Crone archetypes, and these statues feel perfect for working with those energies.

    My picture, unfortunately, does not do the color of these items justice! You can see the true plate color in the picture of my candles.

  3. Tiny plates and bowls from Sarah Welch Pottery. I ordered several of her miniatures at the beginning of the year because I wanted some pretty little bowls for my altar. I also use one of her little plates as my altar candle holder. They are so pretty, and are perfect for holding salt, water, seeds, shells, stones or any little things you might be working with on your altar. I love handmade pottery, and tiny handmade pottery? It just doesn’t get any better than that!
  4. Northern Lights Wick Snuffer. I purchased this a couple of years ago, and it works so well! I always hate when a candle wick keeps smoking after I have blown it out or snuffed it with a bell-shaped snuffer. With this thing, no more smoking! I hesitated to spend over $11.00 for a snuffer, but I use it daily, and it will last forever. I’m so glad I got it!
  5. Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. This had been out of print before being republished in April, and as soon as I learned it was back in print I got a copy of it and the Dark Goddess Tarot. They are both wonderful, but I am really connecting strongly with the Tarot of the Crone. The images are often simple, but they stick with me—I find myself thinking of them throughout the day. I also love her use of color symbolism in the cards. The readings I have done with these cards so far have been deep and meaningful, and full of layers. I also love the Tarot of the Crone Playbook PDF, which contains further thoughts and spreads for each of the cards. It also contains a meditation that has become one of my favorites. I love this deck so much, I will probably do a full review of it once I have worked with it some more.
  6. Wildlight. I discovered this music through Flora Bowley’s Bloom True course, and fell in love with it. This is my favorite music to listen to when I’m making art, and it is also great for dancing. It even has a Pagan-ish feel to the lyrics. I wish I could find more music like this, and I hope they will be making more albums!
  7. Morning Star Incense. You can find this incense pretty much anywhere incense is sold, and in much smaller boxes than that shown in the link. I love this Japanese incense because it is less smokey than other incense, it has a wonderful fragrance, and each stick burns for only half an hour or so. I often break the sticks in half and only burn half at a time, because I can get easily overwhelmed by too much incense. I love, love, love their Amber fragrance, and the Patchouli is my second favorite (I don’t think it really smells like Patchouli, but I love whatever it does smell like!). Each box even comes with a tiny little ceramic holder to use for burning (although you’ll want to put it on a plate or something to catch the ash).
  8. Herb & Earth Sandalwood Incense. As much as I love Morning Star incense, I’m not a fan of their sandalwood fragrance, but I love Herb & Earth’s Sandalwood incense. This has been my main ritual incense for many years. It has a wonderful fragrance and isn’t too smokey, although it is the more traditional style of stick incense. Just smelling it puts me in a ritual frame of mind.

    Cat not included. 🙂

  9. Monstarot Tarot Deck. I supported this deck on Kickstarter because I loved the whimsical artwork and it made me smile just looking at the cards. However, once I received the deck I was truly blown away by it. In spite of its cheerful, playful look, these cards give serious readings and they don’t pull any punches! It comes with LWB that includes both the artist’s thoughts on the cards as well as keywords and card interpretations, and it is one of the most helpful LWBs I’ve used (the Tarot of the Crone LWB is also wonderful!). It’s a great deck for getting serious advice with a smile.

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