Hallowmas Blessings, Ancestor Cards & My Tarot Reading

I hope everyone had a blessed Hallowmas/Samhain yesterday! I spent quite a bit of time over the weekend working on my ancestor prayer cards for the class I’m taking with Joanna Powell Colbert so they would be ready to put on my altar for Hallowmas. It was moving to work on cards for my great-grandmothers who I never knew, but have always felt drawn to.


My two paternal great-grandmothers, AnnaBelle and Margaret, and my maternal grandmother Alice.

Last night during my ritual I spoke to and blessed all the ancestors whose images I had on my altar (including my cat Priscilla who you can see in the picture of my altar). It was really lovely to spend time thinking about their lives and thanking them for gifts they’ve given me, and asking for their help to do the healing work in our family line that still needs to be done.


My Hallowmas Altar

I also used my Samhain tarot spread during my ritual to do a reading for the next turn of the wheel. Thankfully, it looks a lot less intense than the reading I did on Autumn Equinox, but it still offers a nice kick in the pants to get going with things I’ve been putting off for too long.


My Samhain reading. Cards from the Gaian Tarot, Goddess figure from Brigid’s Grove.

Overall Theme—Three of Earth: The theme of this turn of the wheel will be bringing ideas into manifestation, taking practical actions to bring healing into my life, and seeking a community who shares my values. Basically getting to work and getting out into the world.

Key Opportunity—Ten of Fire: This is a call towards true transformation and renewal, to calling in the cleansing fire and letting it do its purifying work. I have the opportunity to really and truly let go of what no longer serves me. Burn it down, clear the decks, and find renewal as new growth begins to emerge from the ashes.

Key Challenge—Guardian of Air: The challenge of this time period will be to find clarity and the perspective I need to see the big picture. I will need to make sure to take time for meditation and prayer, to take time to listen to my inner voice so I can find clarity within. Without this inner clarity, it will be challenging to communicate my truth to others.

What can I do to ease my descent into the dark time of the year?—12, The Tree: This card made me laugh! What do I need to do? Surrender! Stop fighting it, just let go. Accept the darkness and make peace with it. This card also indicates finding a new perspective and finding my center in order to maintain peace in the midst of change, echoing the themes of the Guardian of Air.

What gifts does the darkness offer me?—Six of Earth: The gifts of getting to work, putting my work out into the world and creating an exchange of energy with others as we mutually support each other. Basically, it continues the theme of the Three of Earth—get to work and start manifesting all the ideas floating around in my head into practical, earthy action.

What message does the Wise Crone have for me?—Seven of Water: This one made me laugh, too—I could almost hear a Crone-ish voice saying, “Make a choice and commit to it, damn it!” It is time to listen to my heart, taken action, and do the work. No more messing around!

So, take a deep breath, here we go! Welcome the darkness, welcome the Crone! What gifts are waiting for you in this dark time of the year?

A Tarot Spread for Samhain


Cards from the Spiral Tarot, The Halloween Tarot, and The Green Witch Tarot

Monday is Samhain, or Hallowmas, the beginning of the deepest and darkest part of the year. Some people love the long, dark days of winter, and others dread them. I feel a little bit of both. Winter can be a challenging time for me, especially if we have a particularly gray winter. I can find myself sinking into depression and despair as the fog settles into they valley.

This is a time when our natural energy cycles can slow down, when we desire to rest, to find silence, peace, and stillness. Yet our culture doesn’t recognize the need to slow down, we are supposed to go, go, go all the time. We must be productive at all costs! We must be ready for the seasonal round of parties, shopping, and celebration. I love the seasonal festivities, but it is important for me to also honor my need to rest, be silent, and to go within. I often think that depression, colds, and flu come to force a slowdown when we choose not to give ourselves the rest we need during this dark time of the year.

I created this spread to help us find ways to make friends with the dark and to honor the gifts it brings us as the natural world around us settles down for its own winter slumber.


Question: What do I need to know during this next turn of the wheel?

  1. Overall theme
  2. Key opportunity
  3. Key challenge
  4. What can I do to help ease my descent into the dark time of the year?
  5. What gifts does the darkness offer me?
  6. What message does the Wise Crone have for me during this season? (You can see this as a wise guide, a Goddess, or your own wise voice within, whatever works best for you.)

I will use this spread during my Hallowmas ritual, and will post my reading then.

I’d love to hear about your reading, and would enjoy discussing it with you if you have any questions.

May your journey into the dark season be filled with rest and peace!