Rosary & Prayer Beads Cleansing & Blessing Ceremony

When you acquire a new tool, it’s a good idea to cleanse and bless it before working with it. You can think of cleansing your beads as a way of “dusting” them off, clearing away any energy that may be clinging to them, bringing them back to a clear, energetically neutral state. Blessing your beads helps bring them into alignment with your own energy and the energy of any deity to which you might choose to dedicate them.

This is a simple ceremony you can use to cleanse and bless your new rosary or prayer beads. Feel free to change it in any way that makes it work best for you. You can choose to work with actual incense and candles, or you can simply visualize air, water, fire and earth as you do the ceremony. If you choose the visualization method, you may want to try doing it outdoors and really tune into the elements around you (see An Elemental Centering Meditation for more information about connecting with the elements).

Items needed:
Incense, a sage bundle, or a feather
A candle
A small dish of water
A small dish of sea salt of dirt, or a quartz crystal or other stone
A lighter or matches
Your rosary/prayer beads

Light your candle and the incense or sage, if you are using them.

Take your prayer beads and pass them through the incense or sage smoke, or stroke them with a feather. Visualize the smoke or the feather gathering up any unnecessary energy from your beads and carrying it away on currents of air. You can say something like, “With the power of the element of air, I cleanse this rosary/these prayer beads.”

Hold your beads several inches above the candle flame (be careful here—do not actually allow the beads, or your hand, to get too close to the flame!). Visualize the energy of the fire burning away any unnecessary energy so it dissolves into the air like smoke. Say “With the power of the element of fire, I cleanse this rosary/these prayer beads.”

Hold your beads above the dish of water (it is best not to get your beads wet), and visualize the water flowing over them, washing away any unnecessary energy. Say “With the power of the element of water, I cleanse this rosary/these prayer beads.”

Hold your beads above the dish of salt or dirt, or lay them directly on the crystal or stone, and visualize any unnecessary energy draining into the salt, dirt, or crystal/stone. Say “With the power of the element of earth, I cleanse this rosary/these prayer beads.”

Now close your eyes, hold the beads to your heart and visualize your body being filled with light. The light can be white, golden, or any color of the rainbow—choose what feels best to you. See that light surround and enter the prayer beads so that they, too, are glowing with the light.

Say something like, “I bless this rosary/these prayer beads that they may be a tool of meditation and prayer, drawing me closer to Goddess (or the deity/name of the Divine of your choosing) every time that I use them. Blessed be.” Again, feel free to write your own words of blessing and dedication so that it is right for you.

Extinguish your candle and incense if you used them.

Your ceremony is complete and your beads are now cleansed, blessed and ready to use.

Blessed be!